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Nioxin Hair Loss Clinic

Did you know that up to 50% of people (both male and female) will experience some form of hair thinning?  but understanding the causes and spotting the early warning signs means a solution can often be found.

There are 6 obvious reasons for your hair to start thinning:

Genetics – both age and hormonal changes can trigger thinning and of course hair loss can be inherited from parents and grandparents.

Diet & nutrition – A lack of amino acids due to rapid weight loss and liquid protein diets can hinder hair health

Environment – Air and water pollutants can have a damaging effect on the hair and scalp

Stress & trauma – Stress can cause a slowing down of the blood supply to the capillaries leading to oxygen and other vital vitamins being restricted

General health – Thyroid, hormones after pregnancy and menopause can all cause hair thinning.

Medications – Hormone therapy, steroids and chemo are amongst some of the medications that can affect hair health and cause thinning.

After being involved in “THAW” (Thinning Hair Awareness week) a few years ago it was clear just how many of us suffer from hair loss problems, this can be both a worrying and sensitive time in our life.  We understand how your hair can affect your overall confidence so we treat all “Hair Loss Clinic” clients with care and respect.

Being a “Nioxin” salon, we decided to explore the causes further and then educate ourselves so we can assist and recommend help to those suffering from hair thinning.
 Smith-s Hair Room Salon is proud to offer a free health check using our “Nioscope”.  This magnifies the hair follicle enabling us to see any troubled areas on your scalp, it also checks the density (thickness) of the hair.

Once the test is complete you’ll be recommended a consultation, there, a bespoke prescription to match your individual requirements will be recommended to you all done in the privacy of our treatment room.

If you are feeling worried about the signs of hair thinning and loss and feel you could benefit from our hair thinning consultation, please call on 01592 650061 and make an appointment.